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Studio Sessions

Sam's Unique Style Tracked to Your Faith-Based Song

Capture the essence of raw emotion as the cello weaves a tapestry of melodic improvisations, adding a unique and personal touch to your project. Whether you're seeking the rich resonance of worship music tones or the contemporary flair of modern Christian music, Sam is adept at tailoring his performance to suit the distinctive needs of your song. Renowned for his ability to infuse soulful improvisation, Sam brings a dynamic and expressive touch to the recording studio, seamlessly blending technical precision with the artistry of spontaneous creation.

Price: $250 Per Song Tracked

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Price by time

Have multiple songs to track? Sam is known for laying down tracks quickly and effectively, therefore there will be more value added to your projects by investing in time spent recording rather than paying for each song individually

Price: $350 Per Hour

Remote Session

If recording in a professional studio or elsewhere isn't an option, Sam will provide you with audio tracks directly from his home studio with professional grade equipment. 

Price: $350 Per Song Tracked

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