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Bringing Inspiration and Knowledge to the Elementary and University Student Alike

Ignite a passion for music in your students with a visit from Sam, a seasoned musician ready to share expertise and inspiration. Tailored for elementary, middle, high school, or university levels, Sam's interactive sessions go beyond conventional music education. From introducing fundamentals to delving into the nuances of performance, students embark on a musical journey that fosters creativity, discipline, and a profound appreciation for the art. With Sam's engaging teaching style and real-world experience, each session becomes an opportunity for students to not only learn but to be inspired and envision their own musical possibilities. Elevate your music education program by bringing Sam to your institution—where learning meets inspiration, and students discover the transformative power of music firsthand.

School Rate:

$150 per 30 Minutes for K-12

$500 for up to 2 Hours for University Masterclass 

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