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Personalized Songs in an Intimate Setting for that "Special Someone"

Immerse your loved one in a symphony of emotions as Sam weaves a tapestry of harmonies that will linger in their heart forever. Whether it's a romantic gesture, an anniversary celebration, or just an expression of love, Sam's enchanting serenades create an intimate and unforgettable experience. Let the soulful resonance of the cello and the gentle strumming of the guitar transform your special occasion into a musical masterpiece. Elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary with your personalized serenade service—a gift that transcends words and speaks directly to the heart.

Price Starting at: $150 for 3 Songs

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Integrating live guitar playing with a cello creates a mesmerizing synergy of strings, where each note interweaves seamlessly, building layers of intricate melodies.

Price: $75

More songs

Show a little more love by throwing in a few more songs

Price: $50 Per Song

Rose and Chocolate

Place a cherry on top of the serenade experience by selecting this add-on and Sam will bring a rose and chocolate for your loved one

Price: $50

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