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Worship Services

Weaving in the Soul Lifting Sounds of the Cello with Your Church's Worship Team

Samuel has many years worth of experience playing along side several worship teams and is adept to improvising with them as they flow together harmoniously. As a follower of Christ himself, he understands that it is essential for those who are gifted musically to offer their praise to the Maker than to magnify themselves as they lead a congregation in worship. Otherwise, it would be better for the Body as a whole that we put down our instruments and humble ourselves before an almighty God. In order to make this opportunity more available, Samuel offers a Church Rate that more relationships may be established in the Body within Oklahoma City and abroad. 

Church Rate: $250 Per Service, includes one hour of rehearsal.

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More rehearsal Time

If your worship leader feels that additional rehearsal time exceeding one hour is necessary, inquire to add more time

Church Rate: $200 Per Hour


In the event that your church should need a sound system, Sam will bring his complete portable PA System comprised of two BOSE L1 Pro 16 towers, a BOSE T4S mixer, and two BOSE S1 Pro speakers that will easily fill a room of 400+

Price: $150

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