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Funeral Services

Providing Peaceful, Healing Melodies to Those in Greif

The poignant melodies of a cello offer solace and empathy, gently accompanying the grieving process at memorial services. With its soul-stirring tones, the cello transcends words, providing a comforting and reflective backdrop that honors the memory of your loved one, creating a space for emotional release and healing during this tender moment of farewell.

Price Starting at: $500 for 1 Hour

View Add-Ons Below

More Time

Additional playtime after the first hour for your event up to 4 hours

Price: $400 Per Hour


Integrating live guitar playing with a cello creates a mesmerizing synergy of strings, where each note interweaves seamlessly, building layers of intricate melodies.

Price: $150

Song Requests

Submit special requests to tailor the event to your style

Price: $50 Per Song

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