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Friends of Sam

An esteemed list of highly recommended, faith-based businesses that Sam has had the honor of cultivating cherished relationships with over the years

Don't settle for ordinary wedding photography – elevate your wedding experience with a custom fine art painting by Kyle Trudelle. Kyle provides a spectrum of services, spanning from live event paintings at weddings and special events to creating photo-realistic commissions in his studio. 

Ask about Kyle Trudelle and Sam Kahre's collaboration offering for your next event. 

A passionate father-daughter duo driven by their shared love for artistry and a collective vision to infuse spaces with radiant beauty. With an affinity for creating captivating artwork designed explicitly for interior spaces, they merge the ethereal charm of modern art with a touch of shimmering gold to illuminate every piece.

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Roaren Media, led by the skilled Roaren McDoulett, excels in videography and photography. From weddings to promotional videos, his commitment to visual storytelling transforms moments into captivating narratives. With a blend of artistry and cutting-edge equipment, Roaren Media ensures each project is a masterpiece, where expertise meets passion for unforgettable results.

The Cedar Gate stands as a multifaceted powerhouse, seamlessly blending the roles of venue, sportsman club, publishing company, and production company. As a versatile venue, it provides a picturesque backdrop for events, while its sportsman club caters to outdoor enthusiasts seeking camaraderie and recreation. The publishing arm fosters literary excellence, showcasing diverse voices and stories. Simultaneously, the production company crafts compelling visual narratives, bringing ideas to life with a dynamic blend of creativity and technical prowess.


Kyle Trudelle stands as a distinguished professional artist celebrated for his mastery in the realm of fine art. With a unique blend of creativity and technical skill, Kyle transforms canvases into captivating visual stories. His work reflects a profound understanding of color, form, and emotion, creating pieces that resonate with both aesthetic appreciation and profound meaning. As a trailblazer in the world of fine art, Kyle Trudelle continues to push boundaries, offering viewers an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary and invites them into the extraordinary.

Established in 1956, Inter-City Violin Studios has been a cornerstone of the local classical strings community. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, the studio specializes in rentals, high-end instruments, and meticulous repairs. With decades of expertise, Inter-City Violin Studios has become a trusted destination for musicians seeking top-tier instruments and unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether you're a seasoned performer or a budding enthusiast, the studio's dedication to the art of classical strings shines through in every instrument, making it a cherished hub for musicians and aficionados alike.


Nestled in the heart of Guthrie, Oklahoma, Timber Valley Ranch stands as an enchanting wedding venue, harmonizing rustic charm with natural beauty. With sprawling landscapes and picturesque views, this idyllic ranch provides a breathtaking backdrop for couples seeking a magical and memorable celebration. The carefully curated amenities and warm hospitality ensure that every wedding held at Timber Valley Ranch is a seamless blend of elegance and country allure. From intimate ceremonies to grand celebrations, Timber Valley Ranch captures the essence of romance, creating an unforgettable canvas for the start of a lifelong journey together.

Veux is a French word that means dream, wish, want, or desire. Amidst the many services they offer, VEUX Studio’s true product is the dream of the artist. Their primary goal is that dream becoming a reality. From the name of their business down to the details of your experience, every bit of VEUX studios is designed to be a professional recording studio with that goal in mind.

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